IMG_0186 (300x225)Fun, supportive & relaxed - that's how we hope you'll find us!

We're passionate about helping children progress into confident swimmers, giving them access to a healthy hobby they can enjoy throughout their lives. Swimming with us is a great way for your child to keep fit, socialise with their friends and make new ones. Parents are always welcome to join us at the poolside to watch and encourage.

We're not a competitive club, but we do offer support for swimmers who want to compete. If your child is a budding swim star, we can guide them in the right direction with our connections with other clubs, our knowledge of the competition scene and Club membership with the ASA.

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA),  has been in existence since 1869. It was the first governing body of swimming to be established in the world and today remains the English national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water and synchronised swimming.


The ASA supports over 1,200 affiliated swimming clubs through a National, Regional and sub-regional structure. It endeavors to ensure every athlete – whatever their age or level of experience – belongs to a club that provides the best possible support and environment organising competition throughout England, from grass-roots to elite level.

"I love coming to Swimming Club, great coaches, fun sessions, most of all I get to swim!"

"A fun Thursday evening, learning to swim with a very earnest group of trainers.  Top marks to those who have created such a great atmosphere".

"Lots of variety, including fun sessions, meeting up with friends.  Teachers make things fun whilst still learning swimming techniques".

"Appleby Swimming Club is excellent.  The instructors are engaging and fill the students with confidence.  They also have great fun".

"Loves coming, loves the teachers!  Swimming Club has given her so much more confidence and self belief.  She has made new friends outside of school".

Meet the team

Our committee

Chair: Mike Welch | Secretary: Liz Morgan | Treasurer: Johanne Baxter & Tracey Forrester | Welfare Officer: Emma Longrigg | Gala Officer: Liz Morgan | 
Publicity: Tracy Forrester & Johanne Baxter


Sweyn Hall: Head Coach

Qualifications: ASA Level 1 Award & Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics

I enjoy giving children the opportunity to challenge and excel themselves.  Swimming provides a great medium for them to build stamina and core fitness that benefits them in all sports.

Nigel Stephenson: Coach

Qualifications: ASA Level 1 Award in Teaching Aquatics; ASA Level 1 in Coaching Water Polo

I coach water polo because the kids love it.

They learn and increase their fitness whilst having fun.

Fiona Fowler: Coach

Qualifications: ASA Level 1 Award in Teaching Aquatics

Both my son and daughter swim with the club. Coaching has enabled me to participate and help facilitate their learning as well as all our other members.  I look forward to Thursday nights!

Mike Welch: Coach

Qualifications: ASA Level 1 Award in Teaching Aquatics

My reward for coaching is being able to watch the kids progress from being able to just swim a width to swimming a mile at the sponsored swim, complete with tumble turns.

Elsa Myers: Coach

Qualifications: ASA Level 1 Award in Teaching Aquatics

Coaching has been a passion all my life.  

I enjoy teaching new techniques and sharing my experiences with the students to help them progress to their full potential.

Jane Bainbridge - Advisor

Jane Bainbridge: Advisor

Qualifications: ASA Level 1 Award & Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics

I'm a former head coach at Appleby Swim Club. I began training swimmers in 2006, after attending an ASA helpers' course. My Level 1 qualification followed in 2008 and I reached Level 2 in 2010.

I've continued my professional development in swim coaching since then, completing courses in 'Teaching Turns' and 'Competitive Swimming' in 2011.